ACCA Manual Q - Low-pressure, Low-velocity Duct System Design



Manual Q is your one-stop reference book on the low-pressure, low-velocity systems used in small and mid-size commercial buildings. Manual Q gives you time-saving quick fitting loss tables and a complete set of fitting loss tables compiled from the ASHRAE and SMACNA handbooks.

(316 pages) Topics include:
Performance characteristics of fans, duct systems, air-side devices, and duct system materials Fan inlet and fan discharge losses Duct sizing methods, including a comprehensive treatment of the equal friction duct sizing method Examples of how to design constant volume, variable volume, rooftop multi-zone, and VVT duct systems Exhaust equipment and exhaust duct systems Building pressure control, ventilation, and air balance Fittings and hardware for adjustment, test, & balance work Duct system efficiency, conduction losses, & duct leakage

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